Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Sometimes Too Much of a Good Thing is

Well, just too much of a good thing!  We just had 6" of snow at North of Nowhere -- yes SNOW on May 12th.
It is so muddy, that today when Hubby went to change the tire on his feed truck, his handyman jack sank clean under the mud!  He had to pull it out with a tractor!  Now that's muddy.....

I stayed home from work today as the roads this a.m. were not so good as you can imagine.  I spent ALL day sewing.  Hmmmmmmm, maybe I'll retire and do that every day :)  But it wouldn't pay me enough to support my fabric habit (all you quilters will understand this!).

Grass will be very good this year, tall and deep when it warms up which it is suppose to starting next week.  The last year it was this wet as 1995 and when I turned out my bum lambs I could not find them for a week in the tall grass!  I threatened to duct tape bicycle flags to their tails!  No lambs anymore but the calves will gain good.


  1. ah Global Warming gotcha again..hope it melts soon! :)

  2. Golly! This has been a long, long winter. Like you say it will be good when it warms up..if it warms better warm UP!


  3. isn't it something? I'll never get used to seeing snow after February! But the grass will be good this year, if it gets to grow. Nice pictures, and cute grandbaby! I'm a Morgan fanatic who is currently Morganless, so I'm feeding my obsession by looking at other people's Morgans. There sure arn't very many on our side of the country! Have a great day!

  4. Well February I can handle. It's MAY that blows me away! Especially since I have a mare due to foal in this muddy mess any day, fortunately it's drying out quickly now.

  5. What crappy weather. We have rain here in KS, but I won't complain. Rather have rain than snow.