Thursday, June 24, 2010

She'll Be Comin' DOWN the Mountain Boys!

And when a train goes DOWN a grade, it goes like the wind!  No train robbers on the downslope!!

After we crossed the Continental Divide in the Rockies, we were headed down to Glenwood Springs, a resort town known for it's hot springs!
Glenwood Springs Canyon alongside I-70

The Glenwood Springs Hotel
Once we left Glenwood Springs, we left the mountain scenery and things started to dry up pretty fast.

We have followed the Colorado River off the Rockies and through Glenwood Springs and are now following it into Grand Junction, Colorado.  See the peaks to the east of us?
Still following the Colorado River  and I-70 to the north of the River.
Red Hills just to the West of Grand Junction.  The country looked very similar to where I grew up - Ten Sleep, Wyoming.

The old Grand Junction Union Station which had a FOR Sale sign on it.

Front of the old Grand Junction Station
What a grand piece of Americana.  Imagine you are five years old, hanging onto the hand of your momma and you are about to take your First train ride!  I do hope someone buys and preserves this grand old lady.  It would be a shame for it to deteriorate until it had to be torn down.  Buy It!   Someone!  Please!  Restore it!  Please!

A vineyard at the base of the Grand Mesa just outside of Grand Junction, Colorado. (Internet search just confirmed this IS the Grand Mesa.) Grand Junction has a lot of fruit orchards of peaches, pears, bing cherries and vineyards.  It's a huge agricultural region in Colorado. (Note to DayPhoto - Hey I wasn't too far from YOU was I!! I recognized Grand Mesa from your blog!)

As we left Colorado, headed into Utah we passed through the Ruby Canyon which was formations of red rock.  Spectacular way to end the day!

After we entered the flat prairies of Utah, The Night She Fell -- and day break was in Winnemucca, Nevada.

And when the Night She Fell, We Tried to Sleep Coach!!  It's do-able but it ain't real fun.  The coach seats are spacious to be sure, with leg rests and a foot rest.  They also recline somewhat.  The pillows are a joke (well NOT at 2 a.m.! They are Not).  So if you have to go Coach, take a small blanket and your own travel pillow.  Better yet, when you get on the train, ask the Conductor if there are any roomettes left.  You can get one for 1/2 price if there are.  Your meals in the dining car come with the sleeper for you & your roomate.

And remember my friend Mr. Smudge Face from the first blog?  He starts complaining right about 11 pm and would NOT be quiet.  Someone had insulted him and requested a change of seating so we ALL HEARD ALL about it.  But after he decided to go sleep things were relatively quiet except when people got on/off the train at a stop.  (See what happens if you make me cranky? You wind up on my blog!!!)

If you can get the roomette, it's WORTH it.  Trust me.

  Next blog Over the Sierras!


  1. I am enjoying your posts of your train adventure.

  2. Thank you Nancy. We LOVED taking the train so much we are planning another trip maybe next summer on the Coast Starlight which goes from Los Angeles to Seattle. I understand the scenery along the coast of California is quite spectacular. If you get a chance, take the Train!

  3. Ah It serves Mr. Smudge Face right..there are all kinds of people on the train. We met some really nice people..and some strange ones too..that is just part of the train ride. Thanks for the heads up on the night isn't bad..but that second night really sucks. We took turns sleeping in the observation car where it was really quiet:)