Saturday, March 12, 2011

Fogwaugh's Life Biography

Fogwaugh's Originator, aka Hubby, is having a 40th High School Reunion this summer.  He needed a biography and I give it to you in it's entirety:

" I went to the Senior Kegger and Woke up with A Wife and 2 Kids."

The One and The Only Mr. Fogwaugh - several years AFTER the Kegger.

Always the kidder ain't he?  Once a Fogwaugh, always a Fogwaugh.  Or a Fogwaugh Never Dies.  Fogwaughs Forever...I'm sure there is a logo there for him somewhere. I must admit, though, life does go by fast.  Way too fast. Sigh....

Found the cutest little girl's purse pattern on Ottobre Magazine's website that I do believe #1 Granddaughter just must have! It's under the Free Link. I might have to get a couple of issues of this magazine.  It's from Finland but they do have an English version.   Hope to get the purse done this weekend and maybe one or two of my casserole carriers. I promise to post all this later when they are finished.

The casserole carrier came about because I needed a gift for a wedding reception and decided I wanted to MAKE something.  But I sure could not find any pattern I liked on-line so made my own pattern.  It turned out well but I neglected to take a picture of it before I gave it away.  However, Daughter In Law, said SHE wanted one so I am going to fire up the sewing machine and make several. 

In the meantime, check out Ottobre Magazine.  There are four children's issues a year and two women's.

So we part with a high-five to Fogwaughism!


  1. I'm with you, don't blink before you know it your 19 year old is going to Colorado for the summer to be a rafting guide and you've never been separated more than a week before.

  2. he is a man of many words sometimes. We were supposed to have our 40 two years one in my class wanted a far as I can tell it was no big loss:)