Monday, March 7, 2011

It's a Fogwaugh Christmas -- Full of LIES!

Well of course, in America, most parents lie to their kids about those presents under the tree.  Santa brought them.  But if your child believes in Abner Fogwaugh, one must elevate the tale to Super Believable!!  SUPER.

Hubby started it even before we were married when he told Da Niece, who was about six at the time, that he didn't want no reindeer pooping on her roof, so he was going to shoot Santa.  That poor kid almost had a nervous breakdown.  She shadowed her Uncle everywhere for four weeks making sure he didn't shoot Santa!  I think she was relieved when Christmas as finally over.
Granddaughter #1 first Christmas - too young to be Fogwaughed!

It got rough on Hubby to make No. 2 Son believe in Fogwaugh, mainly because No. 1 Son was right there clueing his little brother on Dad's whoppers.

But mercifully, No. 1 maintained his silence at Christmas.
Hubby came up with the Christmas Eve 'drive to see the lights'. As we went out the door someone would duck back and put all the presents under the tree.  And we all enjoyed the ritual driving around our little community to see the wonderful displays of Christmas Lights.

Upon our arrival back home, we could hear sleigh bells (hubby's car keys) and Hubby would yell, What's that up there in the sky??"  Well of course, No. 2 Son BELIEVED with all of his pea-pickin' heart.  I mean he HEARD the bells every year.

Until Grandma arrived for Christmas when No. 2 was in first grade.  Grandma discovered No. 2 still thought there was a real Santa (he knew though that there was not an Easter Bunny and your parents put out the candy, now go figure).  "Oh Grandson", she told him, "You are too old to still believe in Santa."  After contemplating strangling his grandmother, No. 2 decided she was probably right and he probably should not risk being tried as an adult nor the death penalty (this is the future lawyer).

End of believing but No. 2 was an ADULT before he figured out how in the world his Dad managed the sleigh bell sounds every year!

HEY, Grandpa, I think I Heard Sleigh Bells!

Hubby is going to have a problem with the granddaughter.  She already has him figured out as she informed him he "is the silliest Grandpa in the Whole Wide World."

Merry Fogwaughing!  And to all A Good Nite.


  1. sweet girl! I love that last picture, but what did she think of it? Sounds like your husband is quite a character. He'll have to get creative with his granddaughter if she's already got it figured out.

  2. Look at that snow! This is has been a fun post!


  3. Is having grandchildren better than children - just having one of those teenager weeks -?
    The snow and your granddaughter, brings back fond memories. B was that old when we lived there but, well, I'm not sure I would miss the snow now. We have daffodils coming up and my blossoming pear has blooms so for me, I'm done and just counting the days until warm weather.

  4. What fun for your entire are making great memories:)