Sunday, March 20, 2011

Oh MY, Maybe Fogwaughism is Genetic!

Visited with #2 Son and family this weekend and had a GRAND time.  Quite literally.  The coming three year old kept us entertained and the baby is sure a happy little camper.

I do believe perhaps the #1 Granddaughter has inherited some Fogwaugh traits, especially in the Fashion Diva department.

I snapped this of her when she got ready to go outside:
I believe this photo has great possibilities down the road in about 13 - 14 years when she wants her first prom dress.  We can tell her she doesn't need a $350 dress to look spiffy and here is the Proof.

Baby Brother was dolled up for a day in the swing and quite the fashion statement himself in a polar bear cap, and suit with polar bear faces on his feet.
He is probably destined to grow up to become the Great White Hunter of the North bringing in the Moby Dick Bear from Yellowstone or something else equally important and famous.

"Nana, this is your fault. They both take after YOU not me,
 look at how you dress in those horse t-shirts and sweats," - #2 Son.

Yup, I'll take the heat on this one.


  1. How fun that your grands are developing personality.

  2. Your little grands are ADORABLE! It sounds like you had a nice visit.

  3. You're right. That's pretty much how my 19 year old dresses. It's pretty cute when you're three, 19 you look like a box person living in Berkeley.

  4. Oh your Grandson has such a sweet could a grandma refuse him anything. Love your Granddaughters shades..she is one cool chick:)