Tuesday, September 27, 2011

And I leave You With Fall in Wyoming 2011

Here are pictures from last weekend up on the mountain - Once again conditions were right for the red to come out in some of the Aspens.  Hot days, cool nights, no hard frost.  I noticed the reddest trees were the ones in full sunlight and the highest on the hill.
Where There is Smoke; There's Supper!
Our lot is in a little valley so the sunlight doesn't hit the Aspens all day.  Not much Fall Action Here.
A hint of things to come on the 2nd tree here.
But farther Up the Hill - WoW Look at that Gold in them Hills!
At the Top where the trees get the most sun---Red Leaves, a unusual color for Aspens.
I'm not sure the really red one is an Aspen but isn't this just beautiful? Or was it just a shadow from the pine deepening the color?  Hummmm, mystery.
These are all Aspens and all have a red tinge except maybe the 2nd tree from the right.
The View to the South
Shadows are getting long on the ol' campsite and all too soon it was time to pack up and go home.
We leave for Maine on Friday.  We are planning on visiting the Fryeburg Fair with the horse and oxen pulls and lumberjack contests.  And of course, a trip to somewhere near the Ocean is in order also.  And I will post pictures to the blog till you are alllllll bored to tears!

Happy Fall Y'all!


  1. Hi Merideth what a beautiful part of the World you live in. Maine is one of the places I hope to visit eventually but not just yet. Hope you all have a lovely trip and can't wait to see the pictures, definitely not bored to tears. Susie x

  2. Only the cold night can give us those bright colors. The "View to the South" is stunning. Love the campfire. It all looks like "good times".

  3. Beautiful! I love the Fall but it's sad that winter is just around the corner...booo!

  4. Maine? I am sure it cannot hold a candle to Wyoming.. Your photos were wonderful I enjoyed them! Have a fun trip! :)

  5. Looking forward to photos -- we will not be bored.