Tuesday, September 13, 2011

IT was so Fleeting

I feel like I haven't had summer yet!! And it's almost gone.  But we were busy.  #2 Son and family moved much, much closer to us!!  Cha-Ching!!! That's an A Plus Plus Plus Plus.

The quonset we've had stored on the ground for TEN years is almost finished.  Only the end wall remains.
Cha-Ching!!! That's an A Plus
Boy will this be NICE to have this winter for our Hay!!!

And I guess there is always next year for more riding and camping.  Sigh....

I leave you with my favorite photo of the summer ... my grands!

      Don't you just love the look on #1 Grandson's face!!  He is having so much fun with the chalk his Uncle gave him.

I do hope we make it to mountain for at least a picnic to see the Aspens!

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