Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Fall in Wyoming

Fall in Wyoming is brief -- sometimes it seems a few days and poof! Winter has arrived.  We are very close to fall now.  I've noticed a few leaves on some of the cottonwood trees are starting to turn a vivid yellow.

But the true glory of fall in Wyoming is our mountain Aspens!
September 29, 2007 on Casper Mountain
We've not spent ANY time on the mountain this year.  The Hubby has a crazy work schedule and building our barn sucked up all his spare time.  I've missed our time on the mountain.  We are going up for a last picnic this coming weekend.
Golds against the red dirt is very spectacular.  This was August 18, 2007.  Aspens are just showing a slight hint of the gold.

September 28, 2008
For some reason this year, the Aspens had a bright orange color to some of them. That is unusual.  If I recall right we had an earlier frost this year.  Maybe that affected the color?  This is on the hill coming out of our 'horse patch' on Casper Mountain.

The 3rd of October, 2009 and the leaves have already dropped!!! 
September 9th of 2009 - no color in the Aspens YET less than a month later the display is OVER.  Short, way too short.  Sometimes I LONG for a longer fall.  It's one of my favorite times in Wyoming, warm days and crisp mornings.
The 20th of September 2009 they were in their full glory -- and only 13 days later done, kaput!

And look at This ONE!  October 26, 2010 FIRST SNOW.
Told yah - already snow on the mountain and now snow at 60 miles North of Nowhere!!

Now for the BIG, REALLY BIG NEWS.  In 2011 we will SEE FALL -- in the Northeast.  No not Wyoming; not Northeast Wyoming BUT MAINE!!  Yes, we are going to Maine in October!  Where fall is a REAL SEASON!!  We hope to take in the Fryeburg Fair too - where they have oxen and horse pulls!

Yes, of course I will bore you all to tears with photos! What's Blogdom for except the new modern version of the Home Movie Marathon we boomers all suffered through as children.  Remember watching your neighbors tour Yellowstone for four hours of silent movies?? I sure do.  

Happy Fall to Y'All.  May your red longjohns stay buttoned.


  1. Ohhhhh, I love the aspens in the fall. I found it unbelievable how bright that yellow is. I wish for you a few more days of color this year.

  2. Love seeing your photos of Wyoming. And looking forward to your Northeast trip photos. I'm wondering about all the washed out roads from Hurricane Irene. Maybe Maine wasn't as badly affected as Vermont?