Wednesday, August 2, 2017

A New Redhead

This spring we had purchased some new Galloway heifers and one cow, a 3 year old who had calved late in the year so was out of 'sync' with the rest of their herd.
The four 'new' cows are the four on the bottom.  They seem to always stick together.  When we first brought them home, two were red.  Now three are black and the one is only 'slightly red'.  The cow is the largest one in the middle.  The other 3 were yearling heifers.

Saturday, July 26th, the cow had a red heifer, much to our surprise!  She had been purchased as 'open'.  (not pregnant).
Her momma Loves her.

Auntie had to come over to inspect her (heifer on the right).

Welcome to 60 miles north of Nowhere, Lil Baby.  You will be kept here to raise more babies!

A name like Surprise or Bonus seems to be order or perhaps a bonnie wee name appropriate for a Scottish lass since Galloways are a Scottish breed of cattle.  I suspect this calf will also turn black as she gets older.

One of our friends commented that this cow had apparently not been 'decaffinated' when we purchased her.   LOL!


  1. I am familiar with "Belted Galloway's" but didn't about the whole breed, so I just looked it up on the Internet. Will you keep them pure, or cross breed? A Red Heifer - - hmmmm.

  2. They will be bred to our Angus bull so all the calves will be crossbred and all will be sold.