Sunday, February 7, 2010

Mamas Don't Raise Your Babies to be Cowboys! #2 Son

Not having learned my Lesson with #1 Son -- #2 Son followed the same path.

#2 Son when he was six years old getting on Freckles by himself!!
It was something to see and this horse was THEE BEST HORSE IN THE WORLD!
Gads, do we miss him.
#2 Son put himself through college with some help from us but also by breaking colts and working for his dad's contracting outfit on weekends and Summers.  This was my favorite photo from 2003 which I called "The Consultants".  He was breaking all these horses (all Morgans) that summer and they would watch each other in the round pen like they were giving tips to #2 Son on his technique!

#2 son breaking Melody, who is his Dad's horse now.
And drumroll..............................

#2 receiving his Juris Doctorate in May, 2009 with his wife and daughter.
Bet his Rugby House roommates would NEVER had seen this in his Future!!!    So Willie -- sometimes it does work out okay!                                                                                                           Proud Mom

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  1. Looks like he turned out good too..beautiful grandbaby for you too! :)