Saturday, February 6, 2010

Special Treat or Why I live on the Edge of Earth 60 miles north of Nowhere

 Today, Saturday, my #1 Son and #1 PDIL (perfect daughter-in-law) came out to 60 Miles north of Nowhere and we went to Buffalo, Wyoming to visit my mother.  It was a fun day, hour and half ride to visit going up, an hour to visit, and hour and half ride home.  Got home mid-afternoon to Beautiful Sunny Warm (well as warm as it gets in Jan-no-airy) so they caught horses and went for a short ride.  I went out and tended my chickens and we all met back up at the front of the house just after they had put saddles away.

This is what we saw - one of the Great Benefits (and they sometimes feel like darn few) of Living 60 Miles North of Nowhere.   ELK -- seven of them.  Only five in the photos because when I put my camera on super zoom it zoomed out two of them.
Now they all told me there WAS no way I could get a picture of them as they were too far away!!  HA HA - I darn sure did get it, guys.

Our mares were eating hay just on the hill in front of the elk.  Now I don't know if they were asleep or what but all of sudden they threw up their heads and headed back to the barn pronto like they had just noticed the elk.  Silly mares.

Hubby thinks these elk have been up there all winter and coming down after nightfall to clean up hay after our cows and horses.  He has seen them several times but this was first time we all saw them.  He says they don't pay any attention at all to his feed truck, like they are used to seeing it.  Well they may be used to seeing US, we are certainly not used to seeing THEM.   We have deer and antelope and other critters who share the Edge of the Earth with us and after seeing them every day, well they are just part of the landscape.  But after all these years in Wyoming, I still get a thrill whenever I see elk.  They are so majestic.  Truly one of our creator's masterpieces.

We ended the day with a nice supper and the kids went home.  End of a PERFECT day and one I'll remember for many many years to come.

Tomorrow #2 son--- elk got in my blogging way today. But I had to share.

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  1. you are very lucky to live in such a "wild" area! Here we only have deer, coyotes and some nights you can hear the wolves:)