Friday, February 12, 2010

More LWPNE or It's Okay Boys - She's Gonna Live!!!

Pleased be informed that most of what you read on this blog is TRUE.  Only the names have been changed to protect the GUILTY.

When #2 Son was still at home, #1  Son already out on own his Living With Practically No Effort (LWPNE), I had to be suddenly whisked away unexpectedly for five days due to a serious infection leaving the poor helpless male creatures at our abode without a built in cook and bottle washer.
A military civil war kitchen at Alexandria, VA

As pointed out in a previous blog, the men in my household are highly 'kitchen-impaired'.

Five days later, I caught a ride home from the hospital with my friend Bluebelle.  And what greeted my eyes when I stepped through the door?  A PILE (and I do mean a PILE) of dirty dishes in the kitchen sink.  It looked like something out of a Snuffy Smith cartoon.  

It was apparent from this pile that the ENTIRE menu while I had been gone had consisted of a)Peanut Butter Sandwiches, b) Cold Cereal, and the coup de' grace c) Ice Cream!  For FIVE DAYS that was all they ate. 


I turned to my friend, Bluebelle, and said, "Promise me, when I'm gone, you'll come in and SHOOT THESE GUYS.  There's no sense making them suffer like this.!"  She promised.  I can Rest In Peace now.

One of these days Guys - You're Gonna Be Sorry!   -- Mom

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  1. What no popcorn on their menu? LOL..they sound like a sorry bunch of cooks..:)

  2. Sorry bunch of cooks does not describe their ineptness. Lazy bunch of cooks maybe :) Microwave popcorn was not out yet so yeah, no popcorn. They would have had to COOK that.