Tuesday, April 13, 2010

And It is Not Even Thanksgiving

Coming home from a wedding Sunday we were treated to a very rare sight in our parts -- Wild Turkeys!  A whole flock of them, probably 25 or 30? right next to our driveway.   I looked on the internet and I think they were Merriam Wild Turkeys and hopefully they will stick around.  They were beautiful birds but sadly, I did not have my camera with me.  So no pictures of 'our' turkeys.  But this is what they looked like.

Hubby says he can hear them gobbling up in the trees just across from our fence line so we think they are breeding up there and maybe, hopefully, will raise some lil' turkeys for us to watch this summer!
The Turkey Love Hill in the Background - 
This Picture was taken several summers ago and is Hubby bringing in our Morgan mares.

The wildlife in Wyoming is what makes it worth living here.  Certainly isn't the weather sometimes.  Today the wind gusted to 65 mph!!!  I think the turkeys are hunkered in.  I know we are.  We were without power for over two hours tonight.

The good news is Spring must be here.  The other morning as I left for work I had one of these on the front porch.

The Bluebirds show up in the spring but don't seem to stay.  We see them a few times and then they are gone.  The blue always startles me when I first see them as so many Wyoming birds are brown to blend in with the landscape.

No sign of Mr. Coon.  He must have been as scared of me as I was of him in that chicken coop!  Maybe I need to put down the pistol and pick up the camera in case I see those turkeys again.


  1. You live in a beautiful world. We have also been having wind. I think it must be coming in from you guys.

    Are you close to the Colorado border?


  2. I am waiting for the Bluebirds too..we get the Easter Bluebirds..your Mountain Bluebirds are just beautiful! We have lots of turkeys too..they are paired out right now..and will bunch back up after the eggs are hatched and the little ones get bigger. We enjoy seeing them..they eat ticks..so I like them!! :)