Sunday, April 25, 2010

The Fine Art of 'Circling' when You are Two

Yesterday we had a family dinner and our #2 son and family came up from Way Down South of Nowhere.  We got to enjoy #1 Granddaughter along with the rest of the family.  She certainly kept us all entertained.

 Granddaughter is a bubbly little two year old and she had a grand time being the center of the attraction at our family spring picnic.  She introduced us after lunch to the fine art of 'circles' wherein you twirl until you become dizzy, fall down, and laugh yourself silly.  She had us all grinning.

Unfortunately, I had forgotten my camera at home and really found myself wishing I had not!  (Note to self: do not forget it again!)

Blowing Bubbles at Easter - another favorite activity!

Then #1 Uncle Son began chasing her and they both had a grand time of monster chasing, falling down, catching each other.  Finally Daddy joined in and we all learned that it takes a great amount of squealing with delight to outwit two big 'monsters'.  I bet she slept good last night.

I can see Grandma will need to make her one of those 'twirly skirts' this summer.

As I watched my granddaughter delight in her attention from dad and Uncle it struck me what a better world this place would be if every child had the loving parents my granddaughter has!  It saddens me to think of the life the poor little Caley's and Hailey's who are in the news daily must have led before they died.  May we somehow figure out how to wipe child abuse from the lives of our children!  And to all grandparents out there: I hope you get to enjoy a day of 'circles'.


  1. You are so right!


  2. She is beautiful! I love a two year old..they are so loving and free..and twirling is a great activity with the right must sew one up for her! :)