Saturday, April 10, 2010

Grandma Got Run Over by A .........

Do you know the song "Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer on her way home from our house Christmas Eve??"  Well they found poor Grandma dead as a doornail after the wreck between the two houses.

Well I was ALMOST a victim like poor Grandma.  I went out to feed my chickens after work the other evening, reached in and grabbed my feeder and THIS GREETED me and ran out and across my Foot....

I was lucky it didn't run up my arm and attack me!  Wild racoons can be very vicious.  And are known to carry rabies.  Mine was a young one - maybe last summer's baby - and all it wanted was Away From Me! Probably a good thing it found it's hole because I was looking for ANYTHING to whack it with; which may not have ended up in my favor.  And where were the dogs? - with hubby feeding.  I was on my own.

And then I noticed the poor ravaged half-eaten body of one of my two remaining buff Orphington hens.
Oh poor henny ... she is up at the great egg crate in the sky now!  She is the light tan one in the picture.

So now when I feed I will be packin' as in .22 pistol.   Mr. Coon, you are in my sights and that ain't good for longevity!  Trust me.  I will get YOU!  Oh and I did pay attention to the very small hole you squeezed through getting out of my chicken run.  It doesn't exist anymore.
Yurs Trly,
Grandma Annie Oakley Sears aka Dead Eye


  1. ACKKKKK!!!! Racoons and skunks!!! They are the worst when it comes to chickens and chicken houses. I lost 5 chickens one year and trapped and KILLED five skunks. Yes we kill skunks and raccons and other varmits, even dogs, if they are damaging our livestock.

    Hope you get that critter!


  2. You go for it Annie Oakley dead eye..:)