Thursday, April 1, 2010

For April Fools Day - The Story of "The Nose"

When #2 Son lived in the Rugby House; he became the possessor of a fine adornment.  "THE NOSE"
Let me describe "The Nose" to you.  It was a set of Groucho Marx Glasses only instead of a 'nose' it had a most life-like reproduction of a male appendage -- you get the picture.  A Dick nose.
So just imagine it.  Now the Rugby House college kids had a Fine time with the Nose and were discreet with it Until (oh there's always an until isn't there when it comes to young men and a limitless supply of beer!) one of them in their drunken stupor wore the darn thing over to the Local Gas Mart on a munchies run.

Local Gas Mart Momma had  problem with the Rugby House and was a tad crabby about them.  Seems she thought the Rugby friends (mostly ladies) ought to park their cars somewhere other than her Huge Expansive parking lot when visiting (ie partying) said Rugby House.  She had complained to local Cop Shop on several occasions and required they move their vehicles over to the mini postage stamp parking space available at the Rugby House.  The boys took it in stride as their temperments were blunted at the time usually by the effects of copious amounts of beer.  In other words they laughed if off.  For my part I thought she should have been more forbearing as they were all living off the junk food in her establishment.

Well the NOSE got the best of Local Gas Mart Momma and no sooner had the bearer (or wearer in this case) gotten home with his bag of munchies and The Local Barney Fife  showed up on the doorstep demanding THE NOSE.  The boys professed to not know anything about it but Barney persevered until the boys sadly complied and watched THE NOSE depart.

And Where did #2 Son obtain this wonderful set of glasses to begin with?  FROM HIS FATHER!!!!!
 I bet the Boys at the Cop Shop had a Grand Time with Those Glasses.  In fact I saw one of them yesterday and he looked like the guy above.........with a small difference in the area of the nose.  I'm sorry Mr. Marx, you probably deserved a better legacy than The Nose but sometimes in Life you get what you get.

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