Thursday, January 5, 2012

I'm In Love!

     Oh My!  I guess you can teach an old dog new tricks.  Even Sixty Miles North of Nowhere.

     I love to read and my New Love is a little black box:

I got a new Kindle Fire for Christmas!! WOW.  I couldn't believe it.  And I love, love, love it.

I like to read history and to my delight Amazon has a pretty good array of free books.  Plus you can *borrow* an e-book from the local library.  I read my first book on a civil war battle that was posted as free for one day on a blog I follow:

If you've been following my blog, it should be of no surprise that given the family's civil war history I would be interested in this book.  I found a poignant story in this book about a Texas cavalryman who was killed in the battle.  His wife found out he was dead when she saw his horse tied to the front fence at their home. (CSA Cavalry men supplied their own mounts).  It's a good well-written history about the Fort Smith, Arkansas area during the civil war and I really enjoyed it.  If you are a civil war buff, I bet you would enjoy it also.

Now I am reading some of the Slave Narratives from the Arkansas area.  These were oral histories that were taken by the WPA during the Great Depression in 1938 from former slaves.  Very very interesting and it was one of the free Amazon books.

The only glitch I've had is trying to get my wi-fi hooked up at home.  I have a router but my computer connects through an ethernet LAN not wirelessly.  So I guess I will schedule TWTS for this weekend (time with tech support!).

Thanks to #2 Son and daughter-in-law for a Great Gift.  I'd been looking and agonizing over do I get a Kindle or Nook?  Simple or Color or Fire?  Well the decision was made for me and I'm happy with the choice.

Time marches on and yes, old duffers can apparently learn new technologies!  Surprise surprise.


  1. What a wonderful gift -- Read On!

  2. I have a new Kindle too. Unfortunately, my library is not e book ready. Hopefully it will be soon. that was the main reason I wanted it. Congrats on yours though. I love the idea a all this fun at my fingertips.

  3. you most likely need a thingy..yes a Wireless Router ..they have Wireless routers for sale at Walmart 40$. Is your PC ready for wireless..if it isn't then you will nedd to get another thingy called a Wireless USN Adapter so that your PC or Notebook will get the wireless signal. 30 $ Walmart Netgear

    I got a Kindle far I am reading a little and playing lots of games:)