Sunday, January 1, 2012

Was this ANY WAY to start 2012?

Photo is actually January 2008 - but its pretty similar now except MORE snow.  We started 2012 out with a snowstorm and howling winds which equals huge drifts.  Now that isn't so bad, that's typical of Wyoming in January.

What wasn't usual (well maybe more than he would like to admit) is that Hubby was walking BACK from the gate because his truck was stuck.  In the ditch, in the snow, up to the bed on the rear wheels.  But get this: he wasn't STUCK.  Nope, his definition of 'stuck' is you don't survive the incident.  Like in you DIE.

He'd been turning around in the plow/feed truck to after clearing some good sized drifts and backed into the 'well' alongside the road we have to catch the snow so the drift isn't so deep on the road and well he got (say it softly) 'stuck' temporarily detained.  My first clue was all the geldings standing the road looking at the fiasco like they were wondering, "What's he gonna do? We ain't been fed yet."

So first thing I asked him, what are you stuck?  Him: No.  Me: Looks like you ain't moving.  Him: Not yet.  Me:  Do I need to pull you out?  Him: Would be nice, saves me from walking back again.  Me: First you gotta say you are stuck.  Him: Nope.  Me: Yep.  Him: Okay I'm stuck.

Feed Us.  Feed Us!

So being gracious I pulled him.  And he rescinded his stuck temporarily detained statement.

Hmmmm, for clarification I give you He Said, She Said:

The Definition of Stuck

HIS - Hatchet Jack in Jeremiah Johnson, although of sound mind and broke legs, was definitely STUCK and most Frozen.

HERS - Anytime you are wallowing around in a snow bank putting these puppies on, you are STUCK.

HE WAS DEFINITELY STUCK on January 1, 2012.  I Rest my Case.


  1. Too funny.

    The storm skirted around Riverton, but the wind howled for a couple of days and brought the storm to your doorstep. Glad I don't have to worry about shoveling or getting "detained."

  2. Sounds stuck to me, but then what does a desert rat know about being stuck in the snow?