Friday, January 27, 2012

WYOROAD Helpful Hints from Heloise aka Nanook of the North

Since you found the previous post so helpful with my marvelous definitions; and since I don't want you to go out unprepared in the Wyomng Weather, I am posting more helpful explanations for you. (Actually my warped mind works overtime and it has to have somewhere to go to relieve the pressure.....)

More Helpful WYOROAD Definitions

Limited Visibility -- This is when you are greatly relieved you can see a black strip directly in front of your hood.  You are relieved because you believe you can see the roadway.  With horror, you realize you are actually viewing the bug screen on your hood.

Wet -- Its wet now sucker but by the time you get to your destination it will be ICE as in SLICK.

Strong Winds - When you see a small dog with a brick tied to his collar blow past your vehicle, you know the winds are STRONG.

Oh man, now I have to walk home with this brick!

Windy -  The dog blows by you WITHOUT the brick on his collar.

I cannot win. Either way I walk home!

Drifted Snow - The highway department realizes the drifts are tall enough to bury a cow in; but you are on your own.  A word of caution - if you pack that drifted snow Clear Back to the Firewall on your vehicle while you are busting the cow-sized drifts getting to your destination; once you shut off the ignition it won't start.  It will take TWO DAYS with a hand held blow dryer to melt enough packed snow out of that engine compartment to get your vehicle operational.  Voice of Experience.

Day 3 of the Melt Ice Operation

Dry - Unless its the fourth of July, don't get too excited.  It's a brief temporary condition.

Closed - If you read this as the status of the roadway you just became stuck on from your new smartphone; prepare to die like Hatchet Jack in the previous post as you will be very frozen and most stuck before the highway department finds you.

Hatchet Jack, stuck in 1823 and found by Jeremiah Johnson two months later on Hwy 192

Sand - What the highway department claims they have put on the hill you just slid off of....and as you climb out of your vehicle you find microscopic amounts.

Chain Law - This means put the chains on the vehicle AFTER you have become stuck and BEFORE you call the tow truck.

Fog - Snow that hasn't landed yet.
Landed Fog

Next time we will learn Weather Conditions.  Study hard.  Test later.

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