Sunday, January 22, 2012

We Interrupt Winter to Bring You.........

Some definitions to help you survive the season.

What's it mean when WYOROAD says the roadway is 'slick'?  You ain't in for a good day of driving.

Slick as in no visible roadway for two states over
What does it mean when the WYOROAD website says the road is "Slick In Spots"?  It means that darn spot runs for about 60 longggggggggg  miles before it has a brief interruption of dry road.  Most of which you will be gripping the steering wheel in sheer terror.
Slick in spots with the brown spots being unslick but very muddy.

What's it mean when someone says they are 'high-centered?'  Now this is a very regional term for Stuck, like as in you ain't gonna move without either a shovel or a pull.

When it the last snow in Wyoming?  Usually late April or Early May.  In 2010 - it was May 6th.
May 6th, 2010
Okay so when is the first snow of the season?  Anytime after Labor Day, in 2010 it was October 26th - which can be called a little late.
October 26, 2010

Do you ever just slide off the road in 'slick' conditions?  Frequently.  In fact there was joke that was emailed around 60 miles North of Nowhere folk where in other places people scream before they slide off the road.  Sixty Miles North of Nowhere, we usually hand our drink to the passenger, grab another gear on the four wheel drive pickup and yell, Watch THIS!

When do you put on 'chains?'  When you are High Centered usually.  Nobody 60 Miles North of Nowhere in their right mind would put on tire chains until they are High Centered.  It's a cold, wet, muddy, nasty job at it's best.  And that if the sun is shining and it's not snowing hard.

So do you have other seasons in Wyoming?  Sure, we have spring, summer and fall all packed into about 120 days.  The other 245 days of the year vary between SLICK and SLICK IN SPOTS.

Upcoming in 2012 --- Spring.

Warning: Don't blink or you might miss it!


  1. I do not evny you all that snow, but it is certainly beautiful country. You have to be made of strong stuff to live there. My daughter #3 lived in Moran( close to Jackson) when she worked at the resort. It was gorgeous but 600 inches of snow in the winter, finally made her leave.

    Love the bottom picture. That is beautiful.

  2. Great post - roads are dry here now and not much snow in the shady areas either.

  3. Since you mentioned slick roads....Have you seen the video with car after car sliding down a street in Utah? It was filmed Jan 21.
    From: A fan of your blog from over in west central Wyo who has decided to winter in Mesquite NV.