Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Came home from work tonight find Hubby trying to plow out our road.  Notice the Trying Part - he did manage one lane but it's drifting so bad with the wind, I do not dare to drive my car in to the house or it will be here till spring.

We probably have six inches of snow on the ground.  This photo is from two years ago and shows the drift our propane tank creates.  We did NOT consider drifting snow when we put our road in ten years ago.  We just went from Point A to Point B.   I guess we get the Bears of Very Little Brain Road Builders Award.

I haven't filled our propane tank this year hoping to get it down to 50% so we CAN MOVE IT.

Hopefully the warm temperatures (40's YEAH) predicted later this weekend and for several days later will reduce the snow enough Hubby can get the lane plowed out.

Don't feel too sorry for me.  The gate is where the two trees are in the distance in this picture with the road leading up to them.  Yeah, I can walk that in the am when the wind chill is -15.  Done it before.   Sigh.

I am SO OVER winter..................................


  1. When I lived in the country, my brother used to break the drifts with his four-wheel drive pickup at night in hopes that I would be able to get my car out in the morning to go to work. If it was really bad (it often was) he would use the tractor and blade to open the road for me. Since he lived 10 miles from me, he had to break a lot of drifts. He didn't have to do all of that, but I loved him even more for doing it.

    Country living has its advantages, but drifting snow is not one of them!

  2. Good Morning! I'm from West Texas and have been dropping by your blog for enjoying it immensely. I used to live in Iowa, too. Raised there. Married a cotton farmer and moved to Texas.
    We are so over winter, here, too!! It has been unusually cold, with it lasting for days and days. Not typical for here. Not much snow here, just way below temps and chill factors. We've had terribly high winds with the cold--40-50mph. We are very dry here and would actually welcome some snow this year. Take care in all that snow.

  3. I am so over winter myself! OVER, I tell you OVER! We are 32* today and I feel like...well..there is hope!