Saturday, February 12, 2011

Global Warming? WELL at least Statewide Warming in Wyoming.........

Hooray!  Its warmed up to almost 40 degrees ABOVE, the wind is blowing like a banshee, really ripping out there.  I saw on a blog where the guy does not believe in WIND CHILL. I suppose I shouldn't be surprised at that, he lives in South Texas.  He's never SEEN wind chill.  But I tell yah, if you've ever been outside at ANY temperature below zero even with a slight breeze, you will become an ardent believer inWind Chill and it's effects.  It can be BRUTAL.

Remember I said Hubby had probably been able to plow our road for the LAST time as the plowed piles are now a lot higher than his snow blade?  Well here is an interesting 'experiment'.  Let's see how long it takes for ol' man SOL to decrease those piles.

Please NOTE I have inserted a sun.  I am being optimistic that WINTER will end one day, and the sooner the better for me.

So today I trundled out in the wind (and it was only about 30 degrees when I went out this morning so with the wind, that made the wind chill minuz mega zillion degrees BELOW comfortable).

Here's the road --- it has already melted some from yesterday and has dirt peeking through.

Starting to warm --- dirt peeking through but No Mud yet.  Hints of Possible Mud.

Wow is the snow deep like that all over?  Nooo - we can thank the Wonderful Wyoming Wind for it's work.

There's a hillside under here somewhere...

Where did it all come from?  Probably from here...............

And the 4' pvc pipe marked in 1" increments.  The pile along the road is 41" tall here......

Updates to follow................................

PS I got the idea from Far Side over HERE and her 'snow stick'.  But I do believe her winter in Minny-Soda is colder and rougher than ours because their snow stays alllllllll  damn winter.  At least we get a reprieve from a for a few days at a time, like now.

In fact, a lot of ranchers in Wyoming are seeing these arrive.

None of ours will hit the ground until April when it's a TAD warmer.  You need pens and barns for Momma cows to calve this early and we don't have them for our small herd-let.

I have decided I am tired of trying to haul my lard-ass  butt up on my horse so am starting a low carb diet today.  As of 5 pm, I am SURE I have lost at least 45 pounds because I am hungry enough to eat the south-end of a north-bound skunk--but at least that's low-carb! so I would not be breaking the diet.

 So that's my challenge, lose enough I can Hop Up on the Ol' Pony by Summer.  Now it's a boost, heave HO up.  Not pretty, no not pretty at all.



  1. You are too funny, Merideth. Someday we gotta meet. Anyway, coming your way NEXT, all the way from the western slope of the Wind River Mtns (Pinedale), is....NO WIND! Gorgeous day here. We barely get into the 30s at this elevation, but we'll take it. I even went for a walk this morning. Felt good. The wind has kept me pretty much house-bound for 2 weeks.
    Best wishes on that low-carb party. It's never fun.

  2. Well I would have thought that no-wind deal would have arrived by this evening but nope, it's blowing very heartily out there. Probably around 40 mph. Sigh. Maybe tomorrow and I can walk down a Muddy Road!!! And catch that darn skunk.

  3. Well, this is one North-west Texan that REALLY believes in the chill factor!! We have wind way more than I care to think about. Last week when the blue norther blew in, we had 40-50mph cold winds. Made the temps down to 20 below. Today we finally have warm temps-72* and 20-25mph winds. It always blows here!
    Good luck on the diet...I think I have finally given up and just eat what I like but less of it. As I get older I just want to enjoy life! :)
    Blessings! (hope you get mud soon)

  4. Love your snow pipe! We have drifts and piles taller than me..I just measure ours on the level.. Dirt you can actually see some..I am jealous. We are supposed to get warmer here this week..the wind is here now. I am a great believer in wind chill..and humidity..some days are just bone chilling cold. Yes our winter lasts all winter long:)

  5. Wind chill is real----very real. If you are getting it, then we will in a day or so, depending on how fast the wind travels...HA!