Sunday, February 13, 2011


Crap!  She Clipped my Hair off today and NOW wants to go outside!
Oh Jerry is a sissy!  I'm game.  Let's go MOM!
I still cannot believe she is making me go on a WALK.  There is no where warm and dry to step!
Cmon, Cmon!  Let's go way OVER there! WAY OVER THERE!

Hey Charlie! Man is there something really cool over there!  Wait for me!
Cmon Mom! Don't stop at that stick!  Cmon!

Cmon Mom!  Cmon, don't stop at that STICK!!!
Darn, she stopped.

Wow - 5" of melt today from 7 to was about 48 today and suppose to be 48 again tomorrow.  The Wind is still howling!  Does that speed up the melt at 48 degrees or slow it down with the wind chill.  Or does it have no effect at all?  Hmmmm, I do not know but I'm glad to see 5" of the snow on the side of the road melt.
And Look!  Mud -- real MUD.  Not deep, still frozen under the top surface.
But I'll take whatever I get.


  1. We had 48* the last two was heaven. Another nasty snow storm WITH wind is suppose to hit here Wednesday. I have to keep reminding myself it is only the middle of winter.


  2. Where in Wyoming? I saw your post on Vodka mom and followed it here. We used to live Casper, now in Norfolk VA but we really loved Wyoming, although I do have to admit after growing up in S.Cal, snow from September to May was a little overwhelming but I loved looking out my kitchen window and seeing antelope. Thanks for the moment of reflection about a place that I really did love.

  3. I'm very glad the weather has taken a turn towards warmth. Although I don't think we have as much snow as you in Philadelphia.

  4. Hmmm, I always thought Philadelphia would have a lot of snow, particularly this year. Ours is drifted, bare in some places, piled up in others.

  5. Hi Merideth, came to your blog from Milah's and love your writing style, so funny. We have an Airedale and everytime I arrange for her hair to be trimmed it turns freezing cold or wet or snow. She hates it! Quite agree about toilet brushes they don't make them to last do they!!
    I have a blog at if you wanted to stop by. Susie x