Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Slip Slidin' Away and Techno Disappointments

Well the Great Snow Stick Experiment continues but since I've been working the past couple of days, no new photos - it was way down past #22 after three days and now only has a few inches left in the snow but the big pile has sorda slipped down the hill so the stick is no longer at the peak anymore.
The beginning - 41" of snow

  In fact when I drove in tonight, there's only about 8" of snow around it's base.  I will have to reposition it.  We have been close to 50 degrees above for a few days so the snow that is left is very icy and very hard.  You have to be careful at our gate or you will slip on it and fall in the muck!  Yeah, rural folk are easily entertained and I intend to milk this for all it's worth on this blog  promise to keep you all updated on this fascinating project.  I have my camera set out for a photo on the way to work tomorrow.  If I am not rushing like a bat out of hell because I'm late not in too big a hurry I will stop and reposition the stick.

And minor tragedy struck over the weekend - my toilet brush broke.  I have been racking my brain to try to remember when I bought the darn thing.  I *Think* it was shortly after I was married in 1974.  So I guess the fact that wire holding it to the plastic handle finally rusted through can be understood.  Thirty-seven years is apparently the life of a 1970's toilet brush.
One thing that certainly improved over the past 37 years has been toilet bowl cleaners.  I know I used to have to get in there and really scrub and now I don't - or maybe I just don't CARE ANYMORE!!!  (I am a lot more relaxed about my housekeeping standards now that I am older--and wiser.  I have read obituaries in my local paper for YEARS and not one single time has one ever said, "She was a Rotten Housekeeper".  My point- maybe it DOESN'T MATTER!)

In high school we were required to read George Orwell's 1984 (remember that book?) which promised us all a life of leisure, luxury, little work, with a computer doing everything for us -- including monitoring our every move and taking over the world.  And that brings me to the techno disappointment.....

According to Wikipedia, the toilet brush was "invented in 1932 by William C. Schopp and later patented in 1933 by The Addis Brush Company."

So here we are - almost 100 years later and all we got was better cleaner?  We are using basically the same darn brush that William Schopp thought up when indoor plumbing was the new rage?  Nobody could come with a better system??  Good Grief, not Einstein, not Hawking???  NO ONE????

For that matter, where are the robots?  You know the really cool ones like the one that was pals with Billy Mum on "Lost in Space".  I want one to do my housework and scrub my darn toilet.

No, all we got was the Roomba that costs you an arm and both legs, and your cat can ride around on till it gets stuck in the clutter;  and the Volt car.  

That was the best technology could do since 1933????  HUH??????  I think I'm sorely wait, I remember when I had NO TOILET just a few short weeks ago.....yeah, okay,  I will quit being cheap and buy a new brush and maybe one of these cute little aprons to clean in....VA VOOM!


  1. Merideth - you have to get the Clorox Disposable *I know it's wasteful* toilet wand! I have not been the same since one came into my home! :) Love your post, by the way!!!

  2. I love getting older. (almost 49), I hated being anal so I'm glad that's going by the wayside and personally I'd rather just put a big ole rubber glove on and stick my hand in and clean it because those scrubbers never work for me. They just don't twist right or reach all the places I want them to. I know "gross" but hey, it's a rubber glove. I hope no one is using it to eat with.

  3. I hate to tell you, but the latest made toilet bowl brushes barely last a year! They are made so poorly these days! The wire rusts in no time and they don't seem to be angled right either. Am glad you have the use of your toilet again, tho :) BTW, I would need a much, much longer apron to do my work in!!

  4. I also amd so much more relaxed about the house...there is just so many more wonderful things to do out there!