Sunday, November 15, 2009

Blessed be the Daughter In Laws

I'm such a lucky woman.  My mother wanted a granddaughter so badly.  Everytime either I or my sister-in-law was pregnant, Mom bought the cutest little baby girl dress EVER.  And every bloomin' time, four in total, we had grandsons!!

So no daughters in our household, just two lil' boys who were minature "Hubbys".  And both grew up, survived their young foolish years and married two of most wonderful women on the face of the Earth.

Hubby, Me & No. 1 Son in 1981.
No. 1 Son's wife is Perfect Daughter In Law #1 - and she loves horses.  We have a lot in common and she is just the perfect fit in our family.
No. 2 Son's wife is Perfect Daughter In Law #2 and I nominate her for Best Mother On Earth award.  I hope someday our darling little granddaughter realizes what a wonderful mother she has.  But you know, you never appreciate your own mother till You Are One!
No. 2 Son on his horse, Freckles at age 4.  Wish we still had this old pony for our granddaughter.

The girls have made our family complete.  They are the daughters I never had. They are the cement that holds our family together.  The mortar that keeps the ties strongs.

So girls, please know this.  I will always treat both of you with respect and love.  Because I know it will be YOU and not those boys will wipe the drool from mouth, make sure I take my meds and see I am taken care of in my old age.  Girls are like that!

Affectionately,  Your Mother In Law

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  1. Wyoming! You are just above on the map. I'm glad you stopped by. I have bookmarked your site.