Saturday, November 7, 2009

Civil War, The Rebel Yell

When my husband was little, his father used to do a call he said was the 'nigger yell'.  (No offense intended please, it was what these Missourians called it).  We have always suspected it was really the Rebel Yell since members of the family had fought for the Confederacy during the Civil War.   We had been told the Rebel yell was outlawed in the south following it's defeat.  And that it's true sound had been lost to history as no recording existed of it.

I subscribe to another Blog called "Old Picture of the Day" which is wonderful.  Last week was Civil War Week and one of the photos showed old soldiers of the Union and Confederacy shaking hands over a Stone Wall in Gettysburg at the very last reunion.  Someone commented that a video existed of this event and was in the Kens Burn Documentary on the Civil War and this footage contained the rebel yell.   A google search revealed the footage existed on you tube here:

Yep, just as we suspected.  The Nigger Yell was really the Rebel Yell.  Ain't history fun sometimes!
Our son, Andrew, rode in the parade for the Salt Creek Centennial in our hometown on his horse Freckles (best Kid's horse EVER) dressed as a Cavalry Soldier.  Andy was six years old at the time and had been riding this horse for three years by himself (no foolin').  Hard to believe he is grown up and an attorney now with the cutest little daughter you could ever wish for.

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