Saturday, November 21, 2009

Thanksgiving and other Family Fiascoes

Enter Young Bride into this Tale -- Married six months, never fixed a bloomin' turkey in her life.  HOW hard can that be???  Thaw it out, pop it in the oven right?  Feed entire family of in-laws (all former hillbillies so there are LOTS of them!).  Six a.m. thanksgiving morning -- wake up to having a half-thawed wet cold turkey thrown into bed with me.  New Hubby grinning like a demonic banshee yelling "GET UP AND COOK WOMAN!!"  Thinks he is real amusing.  A regular Soupy Sales that one.

(Left - New Hubby and I rode away from the church on Dog & Pepper, both were Thoroughbred Morgan crosses.  Six months Before Perfect Turkey Day)

Okay, fast forward five and half hours to Young Bride with In-Law Mother and Sister assisting in kitchen.  Young Bride takes out first Turkey, browned to PERFECTION.  And starts to take out STUFFING, done to PERFECTION EXCEPT FOR ---- the giblet, neck plastic bags in the middle of Said Stuffing!!  Ooops.  So much for Perfection Theory.

Fast forward eleven Thanksgivings.  #2 Son is scheduled for Tonsilectomy Monday before Thanksgiving.  Hubby working Thanksgiving.  In-Law says, Thanksgiving Saturday at your house.  Okel dokel.  Thanksgiving Saturday after holiday.  Gotcha.

Saturday BEFORE Thanksgiving, house is knee deep in laundry, suitcases, etc trying to get ready for hospital with #2 Son on Monday. Doorbell rings, porch FULL of hillbilly In-Laws with token food for Thanksgiving!!! Yikes!  In Law MEANT Saturday BEFORE!!!  YIKES.  Put Turkey Ham from freezer and whatever-else I can dig up in Microwave.  Have something near to Food for meal in Laundry Heaps.  Survived....barely!!  And Every Blooming Thanksgiving AFTER someone always mentions, Remember When ....... Argh!!(*&$#*)

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  1. Sometimes its a wonder we newly wed brides ever really survive. But I guess we do...we are here now.