Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Pop! Goes the Weasel

I just do not know what is about Wildlife and our Bedroom. And I'm not talking FUN like you might think.  I'm talking WILDLIFE Literally -- shortly after we moved out to our farm on the Edge of the Earth in Wyoming, we were awakened one Sunday morning by the Cat, Smudgie, walking into the Bathroom, a mad sound of scrambling, and the Cat literally SCREAMING!!!   Hubby jumps out of bed just in time for the cat to roar past him, essentially passing the problem over to Him.  He SLAMS shut the bathroom door.  WHAT WHAT??? I'm yelling, still in the bed.  There's a Flippin' WEASEL in our bathroom, Hubby says.  It stood up on it's hind legs and hissed at me.  Oh goodie, we actually have a pissed off weasel in the bathroom.  Not to nit-pick but accurate descriptions can be important under periods of extreme stress.

Mr. Weasel (from the US Forest Service website)

Well we mull over how a darn weasel could possibly get in our bathroom and decided it must have snuck up in the small space the plumbing comes in.  (AND WHERE were the border collies when this thing was sneaking up on us.  Obviously, we have some Slackers, here.)  After much discussion on how one removes a WWW (Wild Wyoming Weasel) from one's bathroom we came up with a plan.  Brooms in hand, back door open, Hubby would open the bathroom door, punt the weasel from his broom to me, in front of the back door and I would then sweep him out into the wild blue yonder aka the back yard.

About this time I had visions of me still in my lovely attire (ratty shorts and tshirt I sleep in) saying, "Well it's like this doctor. There I was, broom in hand and this weasel just runs up my leg, grabs ahold of my throat...."

Fortunately, I did not have to use that line.  When Hubby opened the bathroom door, Mr Weasel had left for green pastures without crazy cats or humans via the little door to the plumbing which was off it's little velcro tabs that hold it on.  Hubby slammed a five gallon bottle of water up against the little velcro door thusly ensuring it stays ON and four years later--it's still there.  But hey, we haven't had any more weasels in the bath!!!   The Cat is Much Happier.

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