Saturday, November 28, 2009

Thanksgiving is Over! WHEW!

What is with Thanksgiving and the cooking dilemnas???  Have one of the six pies in BOTH hands, done to perfection and as I am taking it out of the oven, the cheap tin pie plate literally collaspes in two like a errant taco and the whole blooming pie is now all over the bottom of my HOT oven!!! ARGHHH!!!  Well end of using disposable tin pie plates!!  ARE YOU LISTENING TIN PIE PLATE MAKERS!!  I am not using your cheap thin pie plates anymore.  Back to my nice sturdy Pyrex ones. And out the door with the convenience.  Then to top it off, after cleaning the OVEN in the middle of this, my meringue on the sour cream raisin pies separated because the oven wasn't hot enough.....sheesh!

Had a wonderful Turkey Day with the relatives though.  I must say, I apologize to the in-laws for calling them hillbillies.  Just because their mother was born on Possum Trot and went to school at Hawg Waller is no reason to think that possibly they are descended from Ozark Hillbillies...........................

Went with the darling granddaughter and her mummy & daddy to see the CHOO-CHOO trains at the Central Wyoming Railroader's open house.  22 Trains on their set-ups in various scales. What Fun!  Thank you guys for opening up and allowing us to share your hobby!

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